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Making Sense Of Your Data

JCO Analytics, your data analytics partner for smarter decision-making!

We help businesses unlock the power of their data with customised data analytics solutions. Our experiences team offers Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Management services to help you make informed decisions based on accurate, relevant, and actionable data. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its goals!

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How it Works

We Make It Right To Guide Your Business In A Proper Way.

Listening & Requirement Gathering

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Analytics can't happen without proper understanding the problem and requirement. Thus its always our first to listen and gather pain points.

Research & Design

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Every Analytic project is different, thus all our architectural designs are always unique to cater and provide the solutions best fit our clients.

Quick Implementation

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We firmly believes in quick implementation and immediate feedback loops. Having quick wins with end users will ensure the project is heading to the right direction.


Our Clients

"The team is very experienced in data model design. They are able to digest our complex business requirements and turn them into well-structured data models. The data warehouse they designed is functioning well in our company. We integrated DW with downstream BI system to power dashboards and provide insights on a day-to-day basis. They are considerate to our other system integration and can provide practical suggestions for data pipelines. The overall framework designs are easy to maintain and troubleshoot, our team are very satisfied with their services and solution. They are professional and knowledgeable to turn our business requirements into DW design, as well as coping with various scenarios in the data ingestion."

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Wanwen Huang

Data Transformation Manager - APAC Insights and Analytics

Why companies choose JCO Analytics?

Consult With Us Today

Many a times, your company is unsure where and how to start with analytical journey, contact us and we will setup a requirement study on how to kick start the journey! 

Free Consultation

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Guided Steps

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