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Making Sense Of Your Data

About Us

 JCO Analytics is a data analytics company founded in 2020. We help organisations unlock their business potentials, navigate their digital transformation journey by converting data into valuable assets and providing a competitive advantage. We are a team of consultants specializing in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Management. Collectively we have many years of experience and proven track record of successful project implementation around data analytics domain for many satisfied customers.

Our Core Values

Analytical Mindset

Driven by Analytical Mindset, making sense of data is our bread and butter

Open and Honest

JCO Analytics believe in having an open and honest relationship with our client

Lead with Innovation

Every project is unique so only with innovation we can provide good solutions unique to client situation

Guided by Curiosity

Never take a stereotype approach in solving for solution. As we are guided by curiosity, we believe in digging deeper to find out more

Quality Management

Without Quality management there will never be a good product even with a good design. Thus its the final and most important step in our methodology

Our Core Team

Heng Chun Wei

Chief Executive Officer

Vyann Tio

Chief Business Development

Wei Chong

Chief Technology Officer


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